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Achieve Natural, Healthy Hair with Specialized
Hair Services

At Dickinsfield Hairstyling, we believe that your hair should look as young and healthy as you feel. Therefore, we offer specialized hair services for our clients such as specialty colouring, variable extension techniques and more. When you visit our salon for one of our professional specialty services, we will work with you to address your specific needs and keep your hair looking natural and beautiful.

Grey Hair Cover Ups

At Dickinsfield Hairstyling, we’ve developed ways to effectively colour and cover up greys – and we’ll show you how to keep your hair looking healthy and lustrous in between appointments.


If you’re thinking about embracing your natural hair colour and greying gracefully, we can help you transition into your new look with natural-looking highlights, semi-permanent colours, and low-lights. Our stylists will work with your hair’s natural properties to bring out the vibrancy of your silver or white tones. Don’t forget that a great cut can help grey hair look elegant or edgy too.

Hair Extensions and Hair Pieces

Enjoy the versatility of long hair by visiting our salon to have your extensions placed. You can bring in your own extensions and we will work them into your current style for a natural look. 

Extensions can be very exciting and creativity can do wonders for hair needing extra thickness and volume. Extensions can be made into colour enhancements either on short or long hair or to create any style desired.


WOW! I got my certificate and can now offer Babe Hair Extensions as well.


Makeup is also an integral part of the overall look – add eyelashes and wow! Book your makeup appointment now for your makeover and have makeup be part of the transformation process when you’re getting your hair done for added confidence. We’re also educated in applying “makeup for over 40” to help you look and feel beautiful!


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