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Colour is exciting these days – it can be spectacular with a flow of varying colours for a very individual look.

Rejuvenate Your Look with Vibrant Hair Colour 
and Highlights



Why not add some colour to your life? Achieve a sun-kissed look with full or partial highlights. Or turn things up a notch with a pastel, icy blonde, or tie-dye colour. Whatever colour you have in mind, our licensed beautician at Dickinsfield Hairstyling can help you rev-up your look so that you can stay current with this season’s trends. Visit our North Edmonton salon today for a professional colour appointment or highlights.

Professional Hair Colour and Highlights

Whether you need to touch up your roots or want to head in an entirely new direction with your colour, we offer the professional hair care that you need. We can create all types of looks and hair coloring given the technique. Our professional colouring and highlighting services include:

  • Full colour

  • Highlights/low lights

  • Foils

  • Dimensional colouring

  • Balayage


Schedule an Appointment

While we have many returning clients, we are also happy to welcome new customers to our salon. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

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